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Curve Essentials is dedicated to helping women create and sustain lasting healthy habits. CONQUER CAPS are designed to deliver superior appetite control with an all-natural, non-stimulant formula.  CONQUER CAPS are specifically hand-crafted to provide control, energy, and assist you in making healthier choices so you can reach your weight loss goals. 

CONQUER CAPS  are specifically formulated  with DHEA, Garcinia Cambogia Extract,  Ginseng Extract, Cocoa Extract, and Green Tea Extract that give you a subtle and all natural energy boost as well as appetite control throughout the day so you can stay focused and ready to conquer the day.

Best Practices: Take your conquer cap first thing in the morning as part of your daily routine. To get the maximum benefits, take your conquer cap in the morning after waking. 


*Conquer Caps are a 30 Day Supply