Double Strap Sauna Sweat Belt

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The Double Strap Sauna Sweat Belt is designed with cutting edge sauna suit technology in the inner lining designed to make you sweat. This item is medium compression and it has nylon spandex with a zipper at the waist and double outer straps for extra sweat!

Material: Nylon, Spandex, Cotton

Who is this recommended for?

Great for those with a lower hanging fupa, mommy pouch, and protruding stomach. Through  the use of thermal technology this product is designed to help you shed the water weight and bloat while exercising. This product provides an enhanced slimming effect and comfortable support while you achieve the desired hourglass shape.

Sizing Note: Purchase regular shirt size, only size up if needed

Designed with the Curve Essentials ™ logo, the sauna belt can be worn during weight training, high-intensity workouts, cardio or all day for a visually snatched look.  

For maximum results incorporate wearing your garment with exercise and a healthy lifestyle. See Curve Essentials Product page to purchase your weight management kit.

Model 1: Size L  Height: 5'8 Waist 32 Hips 45

Model 2: Size 3XL Height 5'10 Waist 47 Hips 54