Instant Hourglass Bodysuit

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The Instant Hourglass Bodysuit is designed to give you an instant hourglass silhouette. This bodysuit is high compression made of nylon, spandex, latex (inner lining), and cotton. This is designed to retract the skin and shrink the waist with consistent use. 

Material: cotton, spandex, latex, nylon

Who is this recommended for? 

Great for those who may have a mommy pouch, low hanging fupa, love handles, etc. This garment will give you an instant hourglass effect while also allowing for recomposition of waistline with extent and consistent use. 

Special Note: Easy to use gusset with hooks to use the bathroom without taking off the entire garment.

Bra not included

For maximum results incorporate wearing your garment with a healthy lifestyle. See Curve Essentials Product page to purchase your weight management kit. 

Model 1: Size L  Height: 5'8 Waist 32 Hips 45

Model 2: Size 3XL Height 5'10 Waist 47 Hips 54