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The Purify Daytime Tea is  a gentle, yet effective morning detox tea infused with hibiscus flavor.  The Dandelion Root Herb has been used for centuries to support a natural cleanse of the liver and healthy digestion. Purify AM assists in the release of excess water weight that might cause bloating, swelling, or puffiness with all natural herbs. Drink a cup of tea in the morning as needed on your weight management journey to get rid of bloating and excess water weight. 

Best Practices: Use Purify AM detox during the morning hours. Purify AM is great to use to relieve your body of occasional excess fluid retention.


The Purify Nighttime Tea is designed as a gentle cleanse. This formula rids the colon of waste and impurities. The formula is designed to help suppress your appetite, reduce bloating, clean the system of toxins and excess waste. 


Best Practices: Use Purify PM detox tea in the evening only after your last meal of the day for a gentle and effective cleanse the next morning. 


*Both products are a 7 Day Quantity and should be used as needed to purify your system of waste. Purify pack AM & PM can be taken on the same day!