Sculpting Strapless Waist Trainer

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The Sculpting Strapless Waist Trainer is designed to sculpt your waistline for a snatched waist effect. This trainer is med/high compression and has two rows of hooks to adjust as your waist sizes down. This trainer is made of nylon, spandex, latex(inner lining), and cotton. There are 4 steel bones throughout the garment to help sculpt your waist. 

Who is this recommended for?

Great for those who have a protruding stomach, wider waistline, or stubborn love handles. This is NOT for those with a lower hanging stomach. (see instant hourglass and  high waisted butt sculpting shorts)

This garment will give you a very snatched and sculpted waist effect allowing for recomposition of waistline with extended and consistent use. If you have back fat or fat that hangs below or above the bra see the contouring vest trainer. 

For maximum results incorporate wearing your garment with a healthy lifestyle. See Curve Essentials Product page to purchase your weight management kit.

Model 1: Size L  Height: 5'8 Waist 32 Hips 45

Model 2: Size 3XL Height 5'10 Waist 47 Hips 54